This is Ruah and she is a Brookside Dog. To have your dog become a Brookside dog, too -and be just as happy- let us know.

Dinyée Boose founded Brookside Walk and Train in Jamaica Plain because she knows dog walking is not just a walk in the park. It takes serious commitment, reliability and excellent dog handling skills to provide dogs with the care they deserve.

At Brookside, balanced dogs are happy dogs. Read some of what our balanced and happy owners said about us.

What sets us apart

We are Jamaica Plain's first dog walking service to combine dog walking and daily training reinforcements. We lead the industry by creating a higher standard of dog care through our certified walker programs.

Every one of our team members receives extensive training with well-respected dog trainers and must fulfill a dual-level internship program. They'll work with hundreds of dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Our walkers are taught to think like trainers -to think on their feet- to ensure the overall well-being and safety of each individual dog and the pack.

Our goal is for your dog to achieve balance of the mind, body and spirit with exercise, structure and fun! As we say at Brookside Walk and Train –“a balanced dog is a happy dog.”

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Dogs are happiest when they are out, having a walk or a run, playing, exploring, sniffing and, at times, taking dips in a cool pool of water. We have fun taking them along for the trip.

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Walk + Train

Brookside Walk + Train's foundation is balanced dogs are happy dogs. Learn more about what that means, and see some services we offer to ensure that your little -or big- guy gets the attention they need.

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Leaving town but can't take your furry buddy along? Brookside Walk + Train is happy to provide boarding services at one of our caretakers' home, or even your home. Or, send that same playful pal on an excursion with us.