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Your dog is a member of your family. Brookside Walk and Train’s reliable handlers spend a lot of time with your pup and consider them an extended member of our family, too.

We emphasize consistency in care for your dog, whether they’re in your care or ours. It takes a little work from both of us, but the reward is a happy, calm and balanced dog. Whether your dog is formally educated or home schooled, we’re here to help you with “keeping up the good work.”

about “us”

we know you love your dog…
…but there is a reason you are introducing them to us. They are not as well-behaved or have certain quirks that you’d like us to take care of. We are very good at doing our part, but to accomplish a balanced, happy dog, we need some cooperation from you. Dogs need consistency to accomplish our shared goals of being balanced, which means that once they leave our care and return to your care, we need you to continue the lessons and teachings we’ve begun. After all, it’s what we all want. Your dog included.


about Dinyée
owner, Brookside Walk + Train
Dinyée Boose founded Brookside Walk and Train in Jamaica Plain because she knows dog walking is not just a walk in the park. It takes serious commitment, reliability and excellent dog handling skills to provide dogs with the care they deserve.

Aside from her field experience, Dinyée has mentored under renowned trainers in the Boston area and has attended numerous national seminars on dog handling and behavior.

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Dog walking is always about teaching. That’s why Dinyée insists that her handlers are professionally trained and certified to handle dogs, gaining hands-on experience before they ever grab your pup’s leash. Dinyée is active in advocating dog handling certification guidelines and is passionate about raising the standards that all dog walkers should have to ensure the safety of your dog.

In Dinyée’s spare time, she enjoys painting with acrylic and oil, reading poetry and fiction, and seeing live shows of eclectic musicians.