Brookside Walk + Train referral


We’ve been with Brookside since our 5 year old dog Kevin was a puppy. Dinyee helped us train him as a puppy, and he’s gone on multiple walks a week for the past 5 years. He adores Dinyee and all of her staff, we are thrilled knowing that when he’s in their care he is happy and safe! Recently, after welcoming 2 new babies into the family, Kevin needed some refreshing on his training. He did a two week course at the (beautiful and new) facility, and Dinyee came to our house to teach us and show us how to use his new e-collar. He is doing wonderful since his training. He has always been an anxious dog who would loudly bark and growl at other dogs, and he’d run from us as well. Now he is calm, knows to go to his bed when we command him, and if he does get anxious and amped up, we can quickly and easily redirect him using his commands and the e-collar. My parents now frequently request for him to stay with them and they don’t want to give him back because he’s so calm now! We can’t speak highly enough of Dinyee and her team, we would definitely recommend them to anyone.