Brookside Walk + Train referral


Dinyée has been walking Jessie almost every week day at noon for the past 5 years. Jessie waits for Dinyée to arrive at the house like she waits for me and my husband to get home from work: with excitement, anticipation, and sheer joy when she arrives. “Jessie loves Dinyée,” I tell anyone who asks about how Jessie likes her dog walker. My husband and I adopted Jessie, a black lab/Rottweiler mix, from a shelter in Louisiana in May 2005. She was approximately 9 months old at the time, and had some significant behavioral issues. Dinyée readily joined in our efforts to provide our troubled dog with consistency, discipline, boundaries, and loads of affection. The strides Jessie has taken over the years are remarkable. For example, she went from chomping on a visitor’s arm one year, to lying blissfully with her head in the visitor’s lap two years later. “What a lovely dog,” is a frequent comment friends and family, and we definitely have Dinyée to thank for being so attentive to Jessie’s needs and anxieties. Thank you, Dinyée!