Brookside Walk + Train referral


I am completely indebted to Dinyee and the Brookside team for transforming my young dog from being reactive, barky, leash-pulling and not-great-at-listening, to a more visibly trained dog with the behavioral skills to thrive in a variety of environments. For a while I had noticed fearful and negative behaviors that were not addressed through the early years of puppy training and beyond. And I just lived with it and tried to correct the behaviors the best I could. Then I met Dinyee and realized that she possessed the expert knowledge to guide my dog – and me – to a better place.

I invested in an 8-week training program which proved to be an excellent choice – my dog learned to acknowledge and respect commands, respond to the e-collar, and stay in her “place” for short or long periods of time. As a result my dog came to be significantly more calm, focused and attentive. I decided to continue with the training by investing in daily structured daycare for several more months. This was an opportunity for my dog to truly benefit from skilled trainers in a group setting with other dogs. As a result, positive behaviors were reinforced and strengthened over time. Dinyee continued to really cement those acquired skills in my dog, as well as to teach new skills and instill desired behaviors. I experienced the dramatic change over time and and remain beyond thrilled!

My dog is doing great, and it’s an absolute pleasure to be with her. We continue to practice what we learned at Brookside. I have become a more informed and better “trained” dog owner in the process – there are many things I have learned from Dinyee as she took to the time to talk extensively with me, educate me, and include me in training sessions where I learned how to interact and lead my dog in a much better way.

I have used many of the services that Brookside offers – training, dog walking, structured day care and overnight boarding. I enjoyed getting to know the dog walkers, and it was an added benefit that they were trained in-depth by Dinyee, and therefore applied the same approach on every walk. I am extremely happy and grateful to have engaged with Dinyee and her company Brookside Walk & Train – and highly recommend them to anyone in need of these kinds of services.