Brookside Walk + Train referral


Ned is our sweet, goofy, 80 plus pound Old English Sheepdog who just turned five. He is fiercely protective and stubborn but he has the gentlest soul once you get to know him. Getting to know him is key though. Ned adores those he knows; but he can be mistrustful of others, for instance the mailman, the woman around the corner, anyone wearing a hat etc. But when Dinyee first started working with Ned over three years ago, it was as if an instant connection was formed. Ned trusts her, is well behaved (most of the time) for her, and respects her. Quite simply, he adores her ~ just mention her name, and he wiggles and jiggles with excitement! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Ned is safe, happy and well cared for when I cannot be with him. And when Ned is with Dinyee, he is all of those things. Her love of the dogs is obvious, but she also has a true understanding of what they need in terms of leadership and consistency, exercise and “play”, and firmness and fairness. The combination of these things is what makes her so special. I have learned so much from her work with Ned, and appreciate all that she does for Ned, and for my peace of mind!