Brookside Walk + Train referral


I’ve had six dogs throughout my life. They were all well trained and obedient. So when I Adopted my seventh dog I assumed it would be lucky #7. He’s a sweetheart but is fearful and has terrible separation anxiety. After trying my best to be able to leave the house without him screaming the entire time. We tried a behaviorist and a psychiatrist for dogs, who wanted to put him on Prozac.
Brookside Walk &train just happened to open in my neighborhood I spoke to the owner Dinyee and though her training methods were different than mine there was something about her something special I knew I could trust her to help my dog. My trust was well-placed she trained my dog & I. we are much more comfortable together now and his separation anxiety has ended. He didn’t need Prozac and I did not need to rehome him as I feared I would. This is one of the of the best investments I’ve ever made and if I ever get another dog I will use Brookside Walk &train from the beginning. This is a great place.