Learn From The Pros at Brookside!

As part of our commitment to improving the lives of dogs and dog owners through excellent training and professional resources, Brookside is proud to announce the start of our 2020 and 2021 seminar series!  Stay tuned for exciting new additions! 

October 2nd. – 4th.

Achieving Real World Obedience with Blake Rodriguez

Blake is a renowned dog trainer and owner of Dream Come True K9 in New York City.  This three-day seminar, came into existence after Blake opened up his two-floor training facility in New York City (Manhattan). Realizing that there was a missing link in what Blake typically saw in training offered (and training that he was offering), he began to focus on an approach that would not only yield results in everyday real-world situations but also focus on breaking down the route to getting there so that anyone could achieve similar results.

This seminar offers an approach to dog training focused on creating clear communication, understanding what can serve as a form of communication, and using this to strengthen the bond/relationship between human and dog.  It’s an approach so carefully thought out, that it attracts not only people struggling with their dog’s behavior (severe issues or mild) but as a result, attracts many new dog owners and people with happy go lucky dogs and puppies.

This seminar focuses on understanding the importance of the basics, building an early foundation (ideal for new dog/puppy owners), in order for both you and the dog to be prepared for when more challenging situations arise.

In short, this seminar focuses on building languages between you and your dog and getting yourselves fluent in them, so that they can help both human and dog in everyday situations and challenges that may arise (both big and small).

Achieving real-world obedience is the perfect blend of understanding the science behind dog behavior while maintaining a practical, common-sense approach that allows people to realize that dog training is not rocket science.  It covers everyday essentials that Blake feels is key to helping to prevent major behavior problems from occurring, while also putting us in a position to address behavior problems with success!  This seminar will teach you how to study/train as a lifestyle (instead of extra time out of your day) in order to be ready to pass the test that everyday life throws at you and your dog.

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