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Dog Training

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Structured Day Care

Depending on their skillset and behavior, dogs are eligible to participate in our structured daycare where they will have opportunities for appropriate socialization, pack walks, and so much more. We will accept dogs who have been trained by other trainers after they pass a three day trail at our facility. We ultimately are looking for dogs to have some sort of understanding and ability to exist in our space around other dogs safely. In daycare training is reinforced and built upon on a continual basis.

Puppy Play and Learn

Pre-school for puppies! From 8 weeks to 6-8 months of age. Puppy Play and Learn or PPL is a structured daycare program for puppies. Our team provides loving care, feeding, and begin critical socialization with humans and other puppies. When your pup is ready, we build crate manners, and reinforce potty training as well as maintenance strategies. We also have lots of structured fun with our ball pit, play tunnels, play dates and toys. We suggest all puppies starting Puppy Play and Learn book a private session.  

Day School

8 Week Foundational Program:  This is our holistic day school program to set you and your dog up for a balanced life-long partnership. The program begins with an 8 week intensive where our head trainer works your dog through a proven curriculum to begin building structure and teaching your dog basic communication skills to be a life-long learner. After the 8 week-intensive, our head trainer will meet with you 4 times in a small group setting, totaling 8 hours, for follow-up sessions. You are also invited to join the monthly graduate group, to train you and your family alongside your dog to ensure you’re communicating as a team. These monthly sessions are designed to reinforce what your dog has learned, and to build upon their skill set.
5 Week Foundational Program: Day school for the easy going, relaxed, social dog who needs less intensive training. After the 5-week program, you will also meet with our head trainer 4 times in a small group setting, totaling 8 hours, for follow-up sessions. 

3 Week Immersion Programs: These are shorter day school programs designed to teach  a particular skill – a structured walk, duration down, and recall. 

Puppy Foundations

Puppy foundations, the next step after Puppy Play and Learn, is a 3 week long program for those that would like to get a head start on training. Open to puppies around 4-6 months old that are deemed mature enough to start training. This program supports and teaches puppies to build trust and develop socially appropriate behaviors as they age into adolescence all while getting the walk under control and getting started with place work. Puppy Foundations comes with two follow up sessions with a trainer.

Group Classes

Group classes are an affordable and highly effective way to socialize your dog and teach them obedience at the same time. You will learn the how and why of each training exercise as they are broken down step by step and related to real-life situations. Training in a group setting allows your dog to have exposure to other dogs, distractions, and people in a structured environment. This is especially helpful for anxious and reactive dogs.

We publish upcoming class dates in our monthly newsletter, so keep an eye out there to see what’s coming up! If you haven’t yet, subscribe to our newsletter!

Essentials Group Classes:  

We are offering Adult/Adolescent, and Puppy Essentials Group Classes. These are 6-class, biweekly series, altogether a 3 month commitment. Masks are required and class size is limited 10.

Available to join:

  • Puppy Essentials 2023 – Starting Monday, 10/23
  • Adult Essentials 2023 – Starting Tuesday, 10/24

To join our group, please fill out our Sign-up Form.

The Puppy Essentials Group Class covers the basics of husbandry: socialization, name games, confidence-building exercises, shaping leash behaviors with food, and so much more! The Adolescent/Adult Group Class covers similar topics, but scaled in complexity and method to its older students.

Pet Boarding

Please note: boarding services are only for clients already receiving other Brookside services.

Our home overnights

Leaving town but can’t take your furry buddy along? Brookside Walk and Train is happy to provide boarding services at one of our caretakers’ home, or even your home. Our caretakers will adhere to your pet’s routines, and provide any specific accommodations it may require. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

$65 per day Add $55 per additional dog per household for our boarding services.

Your home overnights

We are happy to stay in your home with your dog.

We provide this service for all clients looking to keep their pup in their own environment, but especially find this option beneficial for our senior and less socially-oriented clients. Our overnight care typically begins in the early evening with a walk, feeding and slumbering with your pup and then a morning walk and feeding.

$75-per day

Cat care

We come to your house for one or two visits per day to play, feed and scoop.

$18 per visit
add $5.00 per household with more than 2 kitties.