Walk. Train. Play.

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Dog Training

Call for more info and to set up an evaluation today!

Board and Train — 2, 3 and 4 week programs

Puppy Foundation Program

Day School

Group Training

Private In Home Training

Walk + Trains

Structure Day Care

Structure Day Care

Structured Daycare

A stay means play

Dogs need to walk, run, play, explore, sniff, and at times dip in a cool pool of water. To ensure nice play, our experienced handlers monitor energy levels for the safety of each individual dog and maintain a good pack dynamic.

We are happy to reinforce any training you are working on, just let us know!

Pet Boarding

Leaving town but can’t take your furry buddy along? Brookside Walk and Train is happy to provide boarding services at one of our caretakers’ home, or even your home. Our caretakers will adhere to your pet’s routines, and provide any specific accommodations it may require. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Your home overnights

We are happy to stay at your place with your dog.

We provide this service for all clients looking to keep their pooch in their own environment, but especially find this option beneficial for our senior and less socially-oriented clients. Our overnight care typically begins in the early evening with a walk, feeding and slumbering with your pup and then a morning walk and feeding.

$60-per day

Pet sitting

This service includes in-home visits – morning, mid-day, and evening. Each visit may last 30 minutes.

With week-long pet sitting, your dog will have a fun time, meeting up with a buddy for play date or just a fun car ride while doing errands-anything to keep him company while you’re away!

$70 per day Add $25 per additional dog per household for our boarding services.

Cat care

We come to your house for one or two visits per day to play, feed and scoop.

$18 per visit
add $5.00 per household with more than 2 kitties.

Dog Walking

Where don’t we go?

We like to take the dogs to safe, open green space,and we know all the little, peaceful places. All around the Emerald Necklace, Franklin Park and even parts of the cemetery. There are also some private, wooded areas in Roslindale and West Roxbury that we like, too. And, of course, the urban walk is good. But we don’t go to the Arboretum and we don’t go to dog parks.

On our walks with your dog, we would be happy to reinforce any training you are working on with your dog. Just let us know.

Morning and evening visits

Can’t make it home in time for the evening feeding and a walk around the neighborhood? We offer 20 minute after business hours walks from 4-8pm. Morning visits are between the hours of 7-9am.

20 minutes $25 additional dog $10
Pee breaks are designed for the new addition to your family and also, for senior dogs that may need extra time outside.
Pee Breaks $15 additional dog $8

On-leash group walks

Groups comprise of no more than 3 dogs.

30min $17 additional dog $8
40min 20 additional dog $10
60min $24 additional dog $10

Weekend Walks

Planning a day trip? Work weekends? No worries. We offer weekend walks.

20 minutes $25
additional dog $10

Individual Walks

Our individual dog walks are perfect for the pet who needs “their own space.”
During these one-on-one excursions, our staff’s undivided attention is devoted to your pooch.

20 minutes $22
40 minutes $27
additional dog $10