Day School

8 Week Foundational Program:  This is our holistic day school program to set you and your dog up for a balanced life-long partnership. The program begins with an 8 week intensive where our head trainer works your dog through a proven curriculum to begin building structure and teaching your dog basic communication skills to be a life-long learner. After the 8 week intensive, our head trainer will meet with you 4 times in a small group setting, totaling 8 hours, for follow-up sessions. You are also invited to join the monthly graduate group, to train you and your family alongside your dog to ensure you’re communicating as a team. These monthly sessions are designed to reinforce what your dog has learned, and to build upon their skill set.  They are available for the life of your pet, and are always complementary.

5 Week Foundational Program: Day school for the easy going, relaxed, social dog who needs less intensive training.

3 Week Immersion Programs: These are shorter day school programs designed to teach  a particular skill – a structured walk, duration down, and recall.