Group Classes

Essentials Group Classes:  

We are offering Adult/Adolescent, and Puppy Essentials Group Classes.
Our October Essentials cohorts are starting Monday, Oct. 12 at 6:45pm and Thursday, Oct. 29th at both 5:30pm and 6:45pm.
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Group classes are a very affordable and highly effective way to socialize your dog and teach them obedience at the same time. You will learn the how and why of each training exercise as they are broken down step by step and related to real-life situations. Training in a group setting allows your dog to have exposure to other dogs, distractions, and people in a structured environment. This is especially helpful for anxious and reactive dogs.

The Puppy Essentials Group Class covers the basics of husbandry: socialization, name games, confidence-building exercises, shaping leash behaviors with a clicker and food, and so much more!

AKC Rally Novice Group Class

Our October AKC Rally cohort is starting on Wednesday, Oct. 7th at 5:30pm.
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Owners will work on developing a relationship with their dogs and take it to the next level by becoming a competitive team! Dogs and owners move through a course side-by-side, with owners guiding dogs to complete the challenge. The focus will be on furthering strong communication between dog and owner that will be as useful on the course as in the home. For more details about what AKC Rally is, check out the official AKC site.

The Nose Knows Scent-work Class

Our October Nose Knows cohort is starting on Wednesday, Oct. 7th at 6:45pm.
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Scent-work is an excellent way to lean into a dog’s natural instincts, encouraging them to use their abilities to improve their lives. This is especially helpful for reactive or anxious dogs as it allows them to be methodical in using their own bodies to navigate their environment, slowing down their brains, and ultimately calming them down. Though, this will be a huge benefit to all dogs! Whether your dog has foundational training or is a nervous wreck, teaching them to use their genetics to their advantage will enrich their lives.


Up and coming classes!

We are excited to announce several happenings at Brookside! Stay tuned or feel free to contact us for more information!

Coming soon!

  • Lecture series held by Brookside’s trainers to educate communities.
  • Barks and Babes Class: Expecting parents will prepare for creating a home that is as safe and enjoyable as possible for both dog and baby. Dogs will have their training reinforced in order to behave respectfully around pregnant people and newborns. Coming January 2021; check back here for more details! 
  • Pups and Parents Class: Parents of young children will build upon existing knowledge of dog-and-child relationships and safety. In doing so, young kids will also gain dog handling skills! Coming January 2021; check back here for more details! 

Coming in the Summer of 2021!

Kids Camp – ages 6-10 and 11-15. Check back here for more details!